Dam Sen Water Park
Children Children's pool
        A castle which is splendid with different colours, the giant mushroom-shaped fountains with families of elephants, hippopotamus, crocodiles, etc will greet kids. The game will make the kids more dynamic, creative and intelligent. ...
Kamikaze Kamikaze
        Dubbed "Super-speed", this kind of slide will give you a picturesque flying down to the water surface, making a good splash from the height of 19 mettres. Let's conquer this challenging height
Multi slide Multi slide
      Multi Slide colorful with many lanes  making for you chances of  expressing  your talent to  families and friends . You  have  joyous feelings  and so wonderful  with  Multi Slide. Victory to you !
Wave pool Wave pool

        In a mini sea corner with a gradual slope and trains of wave, you will bathe yourself in the clear blue water, be consoled by the wave and admire the beauty of nature inside the city.

Wandering river Wandering river

      Lying on a buoy floating on the 400-mettre-long river winding along lines of green trees and caves, you will have wonderful relaxing moments with nature.

Wild River Wild River
      With the buoyance of the waterfalls from above, you will feel like floating on a small basket boat, dancing with the river and making falls down the water.
Boomerang Boomerang
        At 11h30 sharp on April 30th 2010, the slide in Dam Sen water park have installed completely and the grand opening will open on June 1st 2010. It is a giant slide (12 meter in height, 25 meter in width) . ..